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Stay Connected with Enterprise-Class Voice Communications Solutions

As your business needs grow and change, the right voice communications solution is crucial for your success. Whether you need a VoIP solution or looking for a POTS aggregator, Technology Navigation has the experience to find the voice communications solution to meet your needs.

VoIP Solutions and the Future of Business Communications

If you own your own PBX, or are looking for SIP trunking for MS teams, it is critical to understand how VoIP and SIP technologies integrate with your current business communications strategy. As industry best practices in business communications continue to evolve, having a flexible, scalable voice solution is needed to ensure your environment is stable, secure, and redundant as you look towards the future.

Technology Navigation specializes in:


Cloud bolt on services


On premise phone systems

Modernize Your Voice Communication Strategy with POTS Aggregation

With costs for POTS lines rising dramatically in the last few years, a POTS aggregation or “POTS in a box” solution is a great way to modernize your business communications strategy. Let Technology Navigation help you find the right solution provider to help cut costs, increase support, and meet your communications needs.

Technology Navigation specializes in:

POTS Aggregation

ILEC POTS volume line plans

POTS in a box

Virtual POTS

The right business communications solution will give you the stable and secure environment you need to drive your business forward and meet customer demand. Technology Navigation is with our customers every step of the way.